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Shared Earth Modeling

Methodologies for Integrated Reservoir Simulations


Shared Earth Modeling introduces the reader to the processes and concepts needed to develop shared earth models. Shared earth modeling is a cutting-edge methodology that offers a synthesis of modeling paradigms to the geoscientist and petroleum engineer to increase reservoir output and profitability and decrease guesswork. Topics range from geology, petrophysics, and geophysics to reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, and reservoir management.


1-17Introduction to Shared Earth Modeling
52-68Well Logging
87-107Fluid Properties
108-132Measures of Rock-Fluid Interactions
133-149Applications of Rock-Fluid Interactions
150-169Fluid Flow Equations
170-181Fundamentals of Reservoir Characterization
182-198Modern Reservoir Characterization Techniques
199-226Well Testing
227-244Production Analysis
245-258Reservoir Flow Simulation
259-271Reservoir Management
272-282Improved Recovery

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