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In this section, you’ll find many books I consider relevant for geomodelers. Many are about geomodeling as a whole or about statistics and geostatistics. Many others are about geology, petrophysics, geophysics as well as flow simulation, geomechanics and reserve computations. Geomodeling is a place of integration and as geomodelers, we must have some knowledge in all these topics. At last, a third group of books are focused on reservoir characterization as a whole or are about some specific types of reservoirs like sandstones, carbonates and unconventional reservoirs.
As of March 5th, 2018, this list contains about 110 references. I will add more as I buy new books in the coming months. Indeed, as a rule, I’m only listing books I had a chance to buy and check myself. All of them are available online through the publishers or through online bookstores.
Please contact me if you know of important books that I’m missing, that I should buy and then add to my bibliography.


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