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Cover from the CSPG Reservoir Magazine issues where the original Geomodeling for the asset team series was published in 2015.

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Geomodeling for the asset team – CSPG Reservoir series

In 2015, the CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists), based in Calgary, approved a series of papers I wanted to publish on geomodeling for non-geomodelers. Many books and papers are published about geomodeling for geomodelers. But they might be too detailed for the geoscientists and engineers who don’t build geomodels but who belong to team building a geomodel. That series was meant for that audience.

It got published during a year, starting in February 2015. For most of them, I got helped by friends and colleagues from the Calgary oil patch. None would have been possible without them.

The series was intended to be 10 paper long. But due to professional constraints in 2016, only the first 8 papers were written.

All the technical information published in these papers has been reformatted to form the core of the online book “Intro/Geomodeling” published on the GMDK website. The content of the two unpublished papers will be available in Intro/Geomodeling in February-March 2018.

Feb 2015

1. Introduction. T. Jerome. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Feb 2015

Mar 2015

2. Geomodeling workflow. T. Jerome, J. Yang and S. Gentile. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Mar 2015

Apr 2015

3. Geostatistics. T. Jerome, S. Gentile and J. Yang. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Apr 2015

May 2015

4. Geologists & Geomodeling. T. Jerome, M. Nadeem and K. Yaxley. CSPG Reservoir Magazine May 2015

July 2015

5. Petrophysicists & Geomodeling. T. Jerome, K. McLean and L. Chan. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Jul 2015

Dec 2015

6. Geophysicists & Geomodeling. T. Jerome, S. Ali and N. Ganguly. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Dec 2015

Jan 2016

7. Reservoir Engineers & Geomodeling. T. Jerome, S. Razzaghi and M. Malek. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Jan 2016

Feb 2016

8. Reserves Engineers & Geomodeling. T. Jerome and D. Mikalson. CSPG Reservoir Magazine Feb 2016

Other Publications

Mar 2016

Three common misconceptions about geomodeling. T.Jerome and P. Zeleke. GeoConvention 2016

Mar 2016

A geomodeling workflow used to model a complex carbonate reservoir with limited well control: modeling facies zones like fluid zones. T.Jerome, K. Lovan and S. Gentile. GeoConvention 2016

Mar 2016

Coupling geomodeling and fracture modeling – preliminary results. T. Jerome, Idi Ishaya and B. Golinowski. GeoConvention 2016

May 2014

Improving geomodeling projects with team management techniques. T. Jerome and G. Best. GeoConvention 2014

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