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Petroleum Geostatistics


Petroleum Geostatistics provides an overview of the role of geostatistical methods in reservoir modeling, focusing on well-seasoned geostatistical tools, their versatility, and their inherent limitations. The author provides ample tutorial synthetic examples, as well as real-case demonstrations illustrating practicality, and writes in an intuitive, conceptualizing style devoid of a burdensome mathematical treatment of the field. This title is geared toward professional geologists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers looking for a first exposure to geostatistics, but it also can be used as a text book on the practical aspects of geostatistics in reservoir modeling.


1-16The Role of Geostatistics in Reservoir Modeling
17-30Modeling Geological Continuity
31-52Building High-Resolution Geocellular Models
53-68Geostatistical Methods for History Matching Under Geological Control
69-84Modeling Uncertainty

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