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Seismic Reservoir Characterization

An Earth Modelling Perspective


Three-dimensional numerical earth models play an increasingly important role in the petroleum industry to improve reservoir management and optimize hydrocarbon recovery. A key challenge for reservoir geoscientists is the quantitative integration of 3D and 4D seismic data into static and dynamic earth modeling workflows. Using a combination of theory and illustrations from real field studies, this two-day course reviews best practices and challenges for constraining earth models with seismic information and quantifying subsurface uncertainty.


5-42Introduction to geostatistics and earth modelling from seismic data
43-78Geostatistical interpolation techniques for seismic-guided 3-D earth models
79-104Stochastic simulation with seismic constraints
105-138Seismic lithology and fluid prediction using statistical techniques
139-164Stochastic inversion
165-210Statistical rock physics
211-228Simulator-to-Seismic workflow using 4-D earth models

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