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Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

An Integrated Approach


F. Jerry Lucia, working in America’s main oil-rich state, has produced a work that goes after one of the holy grails of oil prospecting. One main target in petroleum recovery is the description of the three-dimensional distribution of petrophysical properties on the interwell scale in carbonate reservoirs. Doing so would improve performance predictions by means of fluid-flow computer simulations. Lucia’s book focuses on the improvement of geological, petrophysical, and geostatistical methods, describes the basic petrophysical properties, important geology parameters, and rock fabrics from cores, and discusses their spatial distribution. A closing chapter deals with reservoir models as an input into flow simulators.


1-28Petrophysical Rock Properties
29-68Rock-Fabric Classification
69-110Wireline Logs
111-142Depositional Textures & Petrophysics
143-180Reservoir Models for Input into Flow Simulators
181-216Limestone Reservoirs
217-300Dolostone Reservoirs
301-332Touching-Vug Reservoirs

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