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Modeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences


Modeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences highlights the various issues, techniques and practical modeling tools available for modeling the uncertainty of complex Earth systems and the impact that it has on practical situations. The aim of the book is to provide an introductory overview which covers a broad range of tried-and-tested tools. Descriptions of concepts, philosophies, challenges, methodologies and workflows give the reader an understanding of the best way to make decisions under uncertainty for Earth Science problems. The book covers key issues such as: Spatial and time aspect; large complexity and dimensionality; computation power; costs of 'engineering' the Earth; uncertainty in the modeling and decision process. Focusing on reliable and practical methods this book provides an invaluable primer for the complex area of decision making with uncertainty in the Earth Sciences.


9-38Review on Statistical Analysis and Probability Theory
39-54Modeling Uncertainty: Concepts and Philosophies
55-76Engineering the Earth: Making Decisions Under Uncertainty
77-92Modeling Spatial Continuity
93-106Modeling Spatial Uncertainty
107-132Constraining Spatial Models of Uncertainty with Data
133-152Modeling Structural Uncertainty
153-170Visualizing Uncertainty
171-192Modeling Response Uncertainty
193-214Value of Information
215-224Example Case Study

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