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Applied Geostatistics for Reservoir Characterization


Geostatistics is an increasingly important tool for developing an integrated reservoir description. Though Applied Geostatistics for Reservoir Characterization is written to illustrate the importance of geostatistics in improving the reservoir characterization process, it does not require any prior knowledge of statistics or advanced mathematics. Emphasis is placed on intuitive understanding of procedure rather than on mathematical details. Each chapter has an associated appendix in which additional mathematical details are provided. Several numerical and field examples, as well as a large number of illustrations, are provided to explain the strengths and weaknesses of different methods.


17-51Principles of Statistics
52-97Spatial Relationships: Estimation and Modeling
98-139Conventional Estimation Techniques
140-146Conditional Simulation Techniques
147-174Grid-Based Simulation Methods
175-188Object-Based Simulation Techniques
210-216Appendix A - Field Data
217-219Appendix B - Derivations for Principles of Statistics
220-225Appendix C - Derivations for Special Relationships
226-231Appendix D - Derivations of Conventional Estimation Methods
232-241Appendix E - Mathematical Details for Simulated Annealing
242-244Appendix F - Mathematical Details for Upscaling
245-252Looking Ahead

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