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CHOA Handbook


The CHOA Handbook provides a source of current knowledge that serves as an introduction to all aspects related to heavy oil and as a first stop to understand the history, the current focus, and the future potential of heavy oil and bitumen.


Markets and Logistics for Heavy and Synthetic Crude
5-34Canada's Oil Sands: Opportunities and Challenges to 2015
35-50Oil Sands Economics
51-66The Oil Sands of Canada: 300% Growth; Buy and Hold... and Hold and Hold
Environment and Regulatory Best Management Practices
71-114Incorporating Climate Change Considerations in Environmental Assessment: General Guidance for Practicioners
115-126Expanding the Scoping Community
127-146Barriers to Implementation of Cumulative Effects Assessment
Geological and Geophysical
153-204Regional Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of the Mannville Group: Southwestern Saskatchewan
205-228The Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake, Alberta: A worldclass hydrocarbon reservoir hosted in a complex succession of tide-dominated deltaic deposits
229-256An Atlas of Lithofacies of the McMurray Formation Athabasca oil sands deposit, Northeastern Alberta: Surface and Subsurface
257-284Regional Geology and Sedimentology of the basal Cretaceous Peace River oil sands deposit, north-central Alberta
285-294Seismic Monitoring of steam-based recovery of bitumen
295-300Reservoir Monitoring and characterization for heavy oil thermal recovery
301-306Techniques applied to obtain very high resolution 3-D imaging at an Athabasca tar sands thermal pilot
307-318Effective processing of non-repeatable 4-D seismic data to monitor heavy oil SAGD steam flood at East Senlac, Saskatchewan, Canada
321-340SAGD Reservoir Characterization Using Geostatistics: Application to the Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada
341-356Fluvial Meandering Channelized Reservoirs: a Stochastic & Process-Based Approach
357-374Geostatistical Models for Shales in Distributary Channel Point Bars (Ferron Sandstone, Utah): From Ground-Penetrating Radar Data to Three-Dimensional Flow Modeling
375-396The Development of Appropriate Upscaling Procedures
401-414Sand Production Caused by Foamy Oil Flow
415-428Physics and Modeling of Thermal Flow and Soil Mechanics in Unconsolidated Porous Media
429-438Evaluation of Reservoir Properties from Geomechanical Tests
439-448Design of the Monitoring Program for AOSTRA's Underground Test Facility
Reservoir and Wellbore Simulation
451-462Numerical Study of the SAGD Process in the Burnt Lake Oil Sands Lease
463-470A New Combustion Process Using Horizontal Wells and Gravity Drainage
471-478Effective Application of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage of Bitumen to Long Horizontal Well Pairs
479-494An Integrated Approach to Understanding Cold Production Mechanisms of Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Drilling and Completions
499-506MacKay River SAGD Project Benefits from New Slant Rig Design
507-510Application of Top Drive Drilling to Horizontal Wells
511-418Magnetic Ranging Technologies for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage and Unique Well Geometries
519-528Implementation of Advanced Cementing Techniques to Improve Long Term Zonal Isolation in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Wells
Field Testing
533-542Application of Intelligent System (DES PCP) for Monitoring Progessing Cavity Pumps
543-550Mobil's SAGD Experience in Celtic, Saskatchewan
551-564Field Implementation of Solvent Aided Process
565-574Field Test of Electrical Heating with Horizontal and Vertical Wells
Bitumen/Heavy Oil Upgrading
579-590LC-Fining: Recent Innovations Enable Refiners to Produce Clean Fuels at High Conversions
591-600The Start-up of the Bi-Provincial Upgrader
601-608Processing Oilsands Bitumen is Syncrude's R&D Focus
609-624The Long Lake Project - The First Field Integration of SAGD and Upgrading
Heavy Oil Research
629-640Investigation of SAGD Steam Trap Control in Two and Three Dimensions
641-650Proposed Air Injection Recovery of Cold-Produced Heavy Oil Reservoirs
651-668Mechanism of the Vapor Extraction Process for Heavy Oil and Bitumen
669-684Tracking Cold Production Footprints

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