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Petroleum Resources and Reservoirs of the Grand Banks, Eastern Canadian Margin


This Special Paper was conceived as a companion volume to a Symposium held as part of the 2001 GAC-MAC Annual Meeting held in St. John's, Newfoundland. Papers within the volume review the Petroleum System of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, and the potential geo-hazards that impact both exploration and development projects in the offshore environment of eastern Newfoundland. The volume also examines some of the important stratigraphic aspects of the Jeanne d'Arc reservoir systems, the more significant heavy oil occurrences, and how fault and fracture studies are being employed to better understand reservoir performance. The volume concludes with a case study that establishes the utility of an outcrop analogue in improving the reservoir modeling of the highly productive, main Hibernia Field reservoir.


Regional Considerations
1-54Application of Petroleum System Logic to Jeanne d'Arc Basin Offshore Newfoundland
11-63Grand Bank Seabed and Shallow Subsurface Geology in Relation to Subsea Engineering Design
29-72Quaternary Geology of Flemish Pass and its Application to Geohazard Evaluation for Hydrocarbon Development
Field and Analogues Studies
45-72A Mid-Cretaceous (Upper Barremian - Turonian) Lithostratigraphic and Biostratigraphic Framework for the Hibernia Oilfield Reservoir Sequence, Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Grand Banks of Newfoundland
73-94Comparison of Marine and Brackish/Stressed Ichnological Signatures in the Ben Nevis and Avalon Formations, Jeanne d'Arc Basin
95-110Heavy Oil in the Central Jeanne d'Arc Basin and Implications for Exploration Risk
111-128An Integrated Fault Seal Study of the Hebron/Ben Nevis Oilfield, Offshore Newfoundland
129-142Impact of Fault Damage Zones on Reservoir Performance in the Hibernia Oilfield (Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Newfoundland): An Analysis of Structural, Petrophysical and Dynamic Well-Test Data
143-168Hibernia Formation (Cretaceous) Sequences and Breathitt Group (Pennsylvanian) Analogue - Implications for Reservoir Compartmentalization and Modelling, Offshore Newfoundland

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