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Facies Models 4


Facies Models 4 is the essential volume on sedimentary succession interpretation, and is presented in full colour. This is an updated new edition of the original highly popular textbook Facies Models, and incorporates the enormous advances in our understanding of depositional environments since the last edition was issued in 1992. Coverage of this topic is at the advanced undergraduate to graduate-student level, making this book accessible to anyone with an interest in sedimentary environments. (This book also available through CSPG and GSA. Due to shipping costs, US-based and International customers are recommended to consult GSA prior to ordering through GAC:


Part 1: Principles, Tools and Concepts
1-2Introduction to the Volume
3-18Interpreting Sedimentary Successions: Facies, FaciesAnalysis and Facies Models
19-58Ichnology and Facies Models
Part 2: Terrigenous Clastic Facies Models
59-72Introduction to Siliciclastic Facies Models
73-104Glacial Deposits
105-138Alluvial Deposits
139-166Eolian Systems
167-200Wave- and Storm-Dominated Shoreline and Shallow-Marine Systems
201-232Tidal Depositional Systems
265-294Transgressive Wave-Dominated Coass
295-322Deep-Marine Sediments and Sedimentary Systems
Part 3: Chemical and Biochemical Facies Models
323-340Introduction to Biological and Chemical Sedimentary Facies Models
341-370Warm-Water Neritic Carbonates
371-400Cool- and Cold-Water Neritic Carbonates
401-420Peritidal Carbonates
449-476Carbonate Slopes
477-504Bioelemental Sediments
505-540Marine Evaporites

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