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Hydraulic Fracture Modeling


Hydraulic Fracture Modeling delivers all the pertinent technology and solutions in one product to become the go-to source for petroleum and reservoir engineers. Providing tools and approaches, this multi-contributed reference presents current and upcoming developments for modeling rock fracturing including their limitations and problem-solving applications. Fractures are common in oil and gas reservoir formations, and with the ongoing increase in development of unconventional reservoirs, more petroleum engineers today need to know the latest technology surrounding hydraulic fracturing technology such as fracture rock modeling. There is tremendous research in the area but not all located in one place. Covering two types of modeling technologies, various effective fracturing approaches and model applications for fracturing, the book equips today’s petroleum engineer with an all-inclusive product to characterize and optimize today’s more complex reservoirs.
  • Offers understanding of the details surrounding fracturing and fracture modeling technology, including theories and quantitative methods
  • Provides academic and practical perspective from multiple contributors at the forefront of hydraulic fracturing and rock mechanics
  • Provides today’s petroleum engineer with model validation tools backed by real-world case studies


1-20Finite-Element Modeling of the Growth and Interaction of Hydraulic Fractures in Poroelastic Rock Formations
21-41A Framework of Integrated Flow-Geomechanics-Geophysics Simulation for Planar Hydraulic Fracture Propagation
42-74Simulation of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Displacement Discontinuity Method (DDM)
75-110Quasistatic Discrete Element Modeling of Hydraulic and Thermal Fracturing Processes in Shale and Low-Permeability Crystalline Rocks
111-154Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling and Its Extension to Reservoir Simulation Based on Extended Finite-Element Method (XFEM)
155-194Fully Couple 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Models - Development and Validation
195-218Continuum Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing in Complex Fractured Rock Masses
219-264Development of a Hydraulic Fracturing Simulator for Single-Well Fracturing Design in Unconventional Reservoirs
265-322Modeling Rock Fracturing Processes With FRACOD
323-348An Integrated Study for Hydraulic Fracture and Natural Fracture Interactions and Refracturing in Shale Reservoirs
349-392Development of a Couple Reservoir-Geomechanical-Simulator for the Prediction of Caprock Fracturing and Fault Reactivation During CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers
393-411Modeling of Cryogenic Fracturing Processes
411-430Model Validation in Field Applications
431-490Hydraulic Fracturing: Experimental Modeling
491-512Laboratory Studies to Investigate Subsurface Fracture Mechanics
513-526Fracture Conductivity Under Triaxial Stress Conditions

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