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Saturation-Height Modelling for Reservoir Description

Including Capillary Pressure Interpretation


This book has been written to educate Geologists, Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers and other petroleum industry personnel about capillary pressures and their use in the oil and gas industry. It provides best practice guidelines for capillary pressure measurement section and interpretation. Drainage and Imbibition saturation-height function derivation are detailed, as are their implementation in Petrophysical, Static and Dynamic Models. Some creative uses of these functions to greatly assist in reservoir understanding are also described,


33-50Capillary Pressure
51-78Experimental Measurement
79-84Saturation-Height Study Planning
85-88Experiment Selection
89-112Representative Data
113-116Data Collation & Formatting
117-132Corrections Required
133-144Baseline Conditions
145-162Input Data Quality Control
163-170Irreducible Water Saturation
171-220Selection of Saturation-Height Models
221-256Saturation-Height Function Creation
257-262Quality Control of Functions
263-292Reconciliation with Log Data
293-325Imbibition Modelling
326-346Special Situations
347-358Implementation in Reservoir Modelling
359-398Additional Uses

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