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Streamline Simulation: Theory and Practice


Streamline Simulation: Theory and Practice presents a systematic exposition of current streamline simulation technology—its foundations, historical precedents, applications, field studies, and limitations. This text book emphasizes the unique features of streamline technology that in many ways complement conventional finite-difference simulation. The book should appeal to a broad audience in petroleum engineering and hydrogeology; it has been designed for use by undergraduate and graduate students, current practitioners, educators, and researchers. Included in the book is a CD-ROM with a working streamline simulator and exercises to provide the reader with hands-on experience with the technology.


1-14Introduction and overview
15-30Basic governing equations
31-86Streamlines, streamtubes, streamfunctions, and simulation
87-174Applications: field studies and case histories
175-206Transport along streamlines
207-226Spatial discretization and material balance
227-252Timestepping and transverse fluxes
253-294Streamline tracing in complex cell geometries
295-320Advanced topics: fluid flow in fractured reservoirs and compositional simulation
321-360Streamline-based history matching and the integration of production data

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