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Pinedale Field: Case Study of a Giant Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir


Improved geologic insights combined with advances in technology and innovative thinking, mainly since the late 1990s, have driven Pinedale field's development and unlocked a giant natural gas resource in stacked low-permeability fluvial sandstones. Understanding this field can provide a model for developing similar tight sandstone reservoirs around the world. This memoir contains 15 well-illustrated, peer-reviewed chapters that describe the history of field development, the deposition and diagenesis of the reservoir rocks, geophysical characteristics of the field, special core analysis techniques used to better quantify the reservoir, petrophysical characteristics and interpretations of the reservoir, the types and abundance of natural fractures, and fluid production characteristics in the field. Finally, static and dynamic models for the field are presented in an attempt to integrate all the pieces of this giant geologic puzzle.


1-10The Significance of the Pinedale Field
11-36History of Exploration and Commercialization of the Giant Pinedale Tight Gas Sand Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
37-60The Pinedale Gas Field: A Sweet Spot in a Regionally Pervasive Basin-centered Gas Accumulation, Green River and Hoback Basins, Wyoming
61-116Geology of the Lance Pool, Pinedale Field
117-174Geophysical Interpretation of Pinedale Field
175-246Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Lance and Upper Mesaverde Intervals from Core Data in Pinedale Field, Wyoming
247-272Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Wagon Wheel Formation from Seismic, Log, and Core Data in Pinedale Field, Wyoming
273-320Results of Deep Drilling on the Pinedale Anticline
321-350Development of Tight Gas Sand Core Analysis Techniques for the Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
351-416Petrophysics of the Lance and Upper Mesaverde Reservoirs at Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming, USA
417-442Petrophysical Interpretation of the Northern Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
443-468Natural Fractures on the Pinedale Anticline as Seen in Cores and on Image Logs
469-496Pinedale Anticline and Jonah Fields, Sublette County, Wyoming: A Geologic Discussion and Comparison
497-532Integrated Static and Dynamic Modeling of the Pinedale Tight Gas Field, Wyoming
533-547Fluid Production Characteristics in Pinedale and Jonah Fields

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