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Multivariate Geostatistics

An Introduction with Applications


This fully revised third edition introduces geostatistics by emphasising the multivariate aspects for scientists, engineers and statisticians. Geostatistics offers a variety of models, methods and techniques for the analysis, estimation and display of multivariate data distributed in space or time. The text contains a brief review of statistical concepts, a detailed introduction to linear geostatistics, and an account of 3 basic methods of multivariate analysis. Applications from different areas of science, as well as exercises with solutions, are provided to help convey the general ideas. The introductory chapter has been divided into two separate sections for clarity. The final section deals with non-stationary geostatistics.


9-14Mean, Variance, Covariance
15-26Linear Regression and Simple Kriging
27-33Kriging the Mean
39-44Regionalized Variable and Random Function
45-49Variogram Cloud
50-56Variogram and Covariance Function
57-61Examples of Covariance Functions
66-78Extension and Dispersion Variance
79-88Ordinary Kriging
89-95Kriging Weights
96-100Mapping with Kriging
101-106Linear Model of Regionalization
107-112Kriging Spatial Components
113-119The Smoothness of Kriging
123-136Principal Component Analysis
137-139Canonical Analysis
140-142Correspondence Analysis
145-150Direct and Cross Covariances
151-153Covariance Function Matrices
154-157Intrinsic Multivariate Correlation
158-164Heterotopic Cokriging
165-169Collocated Cokriging
170-174Isotopic Cokriging
175-182Multivariate Nested Variogram
183-193Case Study: Ebro Estuary
194-199Coregionalization Analysis
200-206Kriging a Complex Variable
207-209Bilinear Coregionalization Model
213-220Thresholds and Selectivity Curves
221-237Lognormal Estimation
238-249Gaussian Anamorphosis with Hermite Polynomials
250-261Isofactorial Models
262-272Isofactorial Change of Support
273-279Kriging with Discrete Point-Bloc Models
283-299External Drift
300-307Universal Kriging
308-315Translation Invariant Drift

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