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Basic Linear Geostatistics


Based on a postgraduate course that has been successfully taught for over 15 years, the underlying philosophy here is to give students an in-depth understanding of the relevant theory and how to put it into practice. This involves going into the theory in more detail than most books do, and also discussing its applications. It is assumed that readers, students and professionals alike are familiar with basic probability and statistics, as well as the matrix algebra needed for solving linear systems; however, some reminders on these are given in an appendix. Exercises are integrated throughout, and the appendix contains a review of the material.


15-24Regionalized Variables
25-46The Variogram
47-58Experimental Variograms
59-71Structural Analysis
73-82Dispersion as a Function of Block Size
83-102The Theory of Kriging
103-116Practical Aspects of Kriging
117-126Case Study using Kriging
127-139Estimating the Total Reserves

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