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Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences


Simulation is the fastest developing branch of geostatistics and simulating facies inside reservoirs and orebodies is the most exciting part of this. Several methods have been developed to do this (sequential indicator simulations, Boolean simulations, Markov chains and plurigaussian simulations). This book focuses on the last type of simulations. It presents the theory required to understand the method, along practical examples of applications in mining and the oil industry as well as tutorial exercises. Demonstration software to illustrate how these simulations work is available on Since the publication of the first edition, enormous numbers of papers have appeared in the literature on the subject. Plurigaussian simulations are now the preferred method for simulating facies in both mining & the oil industry. The new edition contains new case studies in both mining & petroleum, together with an extensively updated theory section.


11-40From a Mathematical Point of View
41-57Basic Properties of Indicators
73-86Truncation and Thresholds
87-105Variograms and Structural Analysis
107-120Gibbs Sampler
121-147Case Studies and Practical Examples

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