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Introduction to Well Logs and Subsurface Maps


Subsurface mapping is a way to visualize various geologic and hydrologic features in any dimension from a 1-D cross section to a 4-D production map. All subsurface map types can be useful, but the key is to know what you are investigating and what map types are most appropriate. This new book introduces different types of geophysical logs and subsurface maps that can be generated from basic well data, and subsurface problems that can be solved using geophysical logs and subsurface maps. "Hands-on" exercises reveal how each map type is generated and what applications they may have. Exercises at the end of each chapter introduce different types of wells and lithologies.


1-16Introduction to well logs and terminology
17-32Basic well logs and log signatures
33-40Introduction to subsurface maps and contouring
41-56Structural and stratigraphic interpretations
57-72Structure contour maps
73-90Thickness maps
91-106Facies maps
107-118Trend surface maps
119-136Trend surface residual anomaly maps
137-148Hydrologic maps and injection wells
149-160Formation fluid interpretation and hydrocarbon reserves
161-168Mining maps
169-184Cross sections

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