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Subsurface Geologic Methods


The need for a publication that would bring together information relating to subsurface geologic techniques that has hitherto been unavailable or scattered has long been realized by geologists and petroleum engineers. An attempt to satisfy this need is undertaken I the present text, Subsurface Geologic Methods.


26-57Stratigraphic, Structural and Correlation Considerations
58-296Subsurface Laboratory Methods
297-432Subsurface Logging Methods
433-594Miscalleneous Subsurface Methods
595-626Subsurface Graphic Representations
627-681Subsurface Maps and Illustrations
682-694Reports on Subsurface Geology
695-769Subsurface Methods as Applied in Geophysics
770-789Subsurface Methods as Applied in Mining Geology
790-820Geologic Techniques in Civil Engineering

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