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Computer Modeling of Geologic Surfaces and Volumes


1-8A Philosophy of Contour Mapping with the Computer
9-26Graphical Techniques for Locating Anomalies
27-36The Shape-Assist Technique: Incorporating Stream Channel Interpretations into Computer-Generated Surface Models: Clark County, Kansas
37-46Computer-Generated Surfaces and Grids of the Geometry, Rock Type, and Chemistry of a Bedded Mineral Deposit
47-60Computer Mapping of Pinnacle Reefs, Evaporites, and Carbonates: Northern Trend, Michigan Basin
61-74Techniques for Modeling Compaction Applied to the Pinnacle Reef/Carbonate/Evaporite Environment
75-92Modeling Anisotropy in Computer Mapping of Geologic Data
93-104Surface Modeling for Sedimentary Basin Simulation
105-122Testing Hydrocarbon Saturation Models For Use in Original Oil-in-Place Estimation: South Dome of Oregon Basin Field, Park County, Wyoming
123-140Fault Representation in Automated Modeling of Geologic Structures and Geologic Units
141-160The Gridded Fault Surface
161-174Computer Modeling of Multiple Surfaces With Faults: The Ivanhoe Field, Outer Moray Firth Basin, U.K. North Sea
175-182Extensions to Three Dimensions: Introduction to the Section On 3-D Geologic Block Modeling
183-202Three-Dimensional Geologic Block Model of a Polar Fan-Delta Complex, Canning River, North Slope, Alaska
203-218Three-Dimensional Geologic Block Modeling Of The Kutcho Creek Massive Sulfide Deposit, British Columbia
219-234The Impact of Vertical Averaging on Hydrocarbon Volumetric Calculations—A Case Study
235-250Application of Variable Zone Modeling to Modeling and Mapping of Canadian Oil Sands
251-260Three-Dimensional Modeling Techniques in the Analysis of a Mature Steam Drive
261-272Three-Dimensional Modeling Of Complex Geological Structures: New Development Tools For Creating 3-D Volumes

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