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Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation


Since the first edition of Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation, which was published in 1985, the science and art of formation evaluation has seen many innovations. Measurements of formation resistivity have advanced, advances have been made in the design of sonic tools and in the processing of their recorded signals, and new methods of looking at the distribution of pore sizes, their fluid content, and formation flow potential have become widely used. This revised and updated second edition will prepare the reader for a fuller understanding of modern formation evaluation data-gathering methods, as well as illuminate advanced analysis techniques. The book is divided into sections that address a number of formation evaluation themes, including Methods of Gathering Formation Evaluation Data, Methods of Analysis and Application of Results, Openhole Logging Measurements, Analysis of Logs and Cores, and Formation Testing.


Methods of Gathering Formation Evaluation Data
3-38Formation Evaluation Overview
39-58Mud Logging
59-70Measurements on Drillpipe
71-92Wireline Logging Operations
Methods of Analysis and Application of Results
103-124The Physics of Rock/Fluid Systems
125-138Basic Concepts of Log Analysis
139-152Volumetrics and Reserve Estimates
Openhole Logging Measurements
155-178The Spontaneous Potential Log
179-202The Gamma Ray Log
203-212Resistivity Measurements
213-230Induction Logging
231-248The Laterolog
249-258Microresistivity Measurements
259-272Dielectric Measurements
273-304Sonic (Acoustic) Logging and Elastic Formation Properties
305-326Formation Density Log
327-340Neutron Logs
341-360Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
361-388Dipmeter and Borehole Imaging
Analysis of Logs and Cores
391-396Interpretation Techniques
397-414Quick-Look Interpretation, Crossplots and Overlays
447-460Rw Determination
461-476Water Saturation
477-496Core Analysis
497-522Formation Evaluation in Shaly Sands
523-544Formation Evaluation in Complex Lithology
545-594Formation Evaluation in Unconventional Reservoirs
Analysis of Logs and Cores
597-616Wireline Formation Testing
617-620Drillstem-Testing Objectives
Integrated Formation-Evaluation Plan
623-628Integrated Formation-Evaluation Plan

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