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Well Logging and Geology


This book is one in a series of three books by the authors on various aspects of well logging, with the final book to be on reservoir evaluation. The book departs from traditional log analysis books in that it has a very strong emphasis on geologic principles with an extensive review of the processes that influence hydrocarbon accumulations. The chapters are written in a stand-alone format. This book is beautifully illustrated with colored plots, charts, and block diagrams on virtually every page.


37-118Well Logging and Rock Composition
119-158Well Logging and Rock Texture
159-196Well Logging and Rock Structure
197-238Well Logging and Facies, Sequence and Environment
239-264Well Logging and Diagenesis
265-298Well Logging and Compaction
299-354Well Logging and Tectonics
355-394Well Logging and Fractures
395-402Well Logging and Source Rock
403-422Well Logging and Sequence Stratigraphy

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