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Basic Well Log Analysis


Basic Well Log Analysis is a general introduction to common openhole logging measurements, both wire line and MWD/LWD, and the interpretation of those measurements to determine the traditional analytical goals of porosity, fluid saturation, and lithology/mineralogy. It is arranged by the interpretation goals of the data, rather than by the underlying physics of the measurements. The accompanying CD-ROM contains digital versions of the data from the case studies, a summary guide to the measurements and their interpretation, and a simple spreadsheet containing some of the more common interpretation algorithms. This Second Edition of Basic Well Log Analysis delivers a great impact on training and self-training along with superior workbook exercises, newer measurements, borehole imaging, and nuclear magnetic resonance in separate chapters, all directed to provide a guide through the lengthy and sometimes ambiguous terminology of well logging and petrophysics. It provides readers with interpretation examples (and solutions) so that the techniques described here can be practiced.


1-20Basic Relationships of Well Log Interpretation
21-30Spontaneous Potential
31-36Gamma Ray Log
37-76Porosity Logs
77-102Resistivity Logs
103-114Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging
115-136Log Interpretation
137-150Petrophysical Techniques
151-164Borehole Images
165-239Log Interpretation Case Studies

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