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Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties


This book provides an accessible guide to using the rock physics-based forward modeling approach for mapping the subsurface, systematically linking rock properties to seismic amplitude. Providing practical workflows, the book shows how to methodically vary lithology, porosity, rock type, and pore fluids and reservoir geometry, calculate the corresponding elastic properties, and then generate synthetic seismic traces. These synthetic traces can then be compared to actual seismic traces from the field: a similar actual seismic response implies similar rock properties in the subsurface. The book catalogs various cases, including clastic sediments, carbonates, and time-lapse seismic monitoring, and discusses the effect of attenuation on seismic reflections. It shows how to build earth models (pseudo-wells) using deterministic and statistical approaches, and includes case studies based on real well data. A vital guide for researchers and petroleum geologists, in industry and academia, providing sample catalogs of synthetic seismic reflections from a variety of realistic reservoir models.


The Basics
3-12Forward modeling of seismic reflections for rock characterization
13-42Rock physics models and transforms
43-50Rock physics diagnostics
Synthetic Seismic Amplitude
53-67Modeling at an interface: quick-look approach
68-89Pseudo-wells: principles and examples
90-112Pseudo-wells: statistics-based generation
From Well Data and Geology to Earth Models and Reflections
115-131Clastic sequences: diagnostics and Vs prediction
132-152Log shapes at the well scale and seismic reflections in clastic sequences
153-164Synthetic modeling in carbonates
165-176Time lapse (4D) reservoir monitoring
Frontier Exploration
179-196Rock physics workflow in oil and gas exploration
197-204DHI validation and prospect risking
Advanced Rock Physics: Diagenetic Trends, Self-Similarity, Permeability, Poisson's Ratio in Gas Sand, Seismic Wave Attenuation, Gas Hydrates
207-224Rock physics case studies
225-238Poisson's ratio and seismic reflections
239-261Seismic wave attenuation
262-274Gas hydrates
Rock Physics Operations Directly Applied to Seismic Amplitude and Impedance
277-291Fluid substitution on seismic amplitude
292-296Rock physics and seismically derived impedance
Evolving Methods
299-307Computational rock physics

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