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Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization


Seismic attributes play a key role in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. In Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization (SEG Geophysical Developments No. 11), Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt introduce the physical basis, mathematical implementation, and geologic expression of modern volumetric attributes including coherence, dip∕azimuth, curvature, amplitude gradients, seismic textures, and spectral decomposition. The authors demonstrate the importance of effective color display and sensitivity to seismic acquisition and processing. Examples from different basins illustrate the attribute expression of tectonic deformation, clastic depositional systems, carbonate depositional systems and diagenesis, drilling hazards, and reservoir characterization. The book is illustrated generously with color figures throughout. “Seismic Attributes” will appeal to seismic interpreters who want to extract more information from data; seismic processors and imagers who want to learn how their efforts impact subtle stratigraphic and fracture plays; sedimentologists, stratigraphers, and structural geologists who use large 3D seismic volumes to interpret their plays within a regional, basinwide context; and reservoir engineers whose work is based on detailed 3D reservoir models. Copublished with EAGE.


1-24Overview of Seismic Attributes
Geometric Attributes — Their Physical Basis and Sensitivity to Seismic Signal and Noise
25-44Volumetric Dip and Azimuth
73-98Volumetric Curvature and Reflector Shape
99-122Lateral Changes in Amplitude and Pattern Recognition
123-152Spectral Decomposition and Wavelet Transforms
153-186Influence of Data Acquisition and Processing on Geometric Attributes
187-218Structure-oriented Filtering and Image Enhancement
219-236Multiattribute Displays
237-256Prestack Geometric Attributes
Use of Geometric Attributes in 3D Interpretation
257-292Volumetric Dip and Azimuth
293-326Attribute Expression of Clastic Depositional Environments
327-356Attribute Expression of Carbonate Depositional Environments
357-380Attribute Expression of Deepwater Depositional Environments and Mapping of Potential Drilling Hazards
381-406Mapping Reservoir Heterogeneity
Use of Geometric Attributes in 3D Interpretation
407-416Discovery of Ring Faults Associated with Salt Withdrawal Basins, Early Cretaceous Age, in the East Texas Basin
417-424Volume-Based Curvature Computations Illuminate Fracture Orientations — Early to Mid-Paleozoic, Central Basin Platform, West Texas
425-434Application of New Seismic Attributes to Collapse Chimneys in the Fort Worth Basin
435-442Applications of the Coherency Cube in the UKCS
443-446Shallow Hazard Detection in the Near Surface, a Coherence Cube Processing Application

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