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Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics

Principles, Methods, and Case Studies


This book is dedicated in part to understanding qualitative and deterministic geologic models in terms of statistics. The book is precisely concerned with the fact that given the same set of data, different geologists will generate different results, all of which may be valid interpretations. It is the premise of the authors that understanding the interpretive variations is far more important than identifying any one particular model as truth.


3-16An Overview of Stochastic Methods for Reservoir Characterization
Getting Started
19-20Geostatistics and Reservoir Geology
21-24Reflections on the Proliferation of Geostatistics in Petroleum Exploration and Production
27-36Fundamentals of Semivariogram Estimation, Modeling, and Usage
37-54The Sample Support Problem for Permeability Assessmet in Sandstone Reservoirs
55-64Theory and Applications of Vertical Variability Measures from Markov Chain Analysis
65-74A Review of Basic Upscaling Procedures: Advantages and Disadvantages
77-90Modeling Heterogeneities in Fluvial Domains: A Review of the Influence on Production Profiles
91-108A Prototype Procedure for Stochastic Modeling of Facies Tract Distribution in Shoreface Reservoirs
109-120Numerical Facies Modeling Combining Deterministic and Stochastic Methods
121-130Geostatistical Analysis of Oil Production and Potential Using Indicator Kriging
131-142Integrating Well Test–Derived Effective Absolute Permeabilities in Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling
143-158Constraining Geostatistical Reservoir Descriptions with 3-D Seismic Data to Reduce Uncertainty
159-176Importance of a Geological Framework and Seismic Data Integration for Reservoir Modeling and Subsequent Fluid-Flow Predictions
177-200Integration of Well and Seismic Data Using Geostatistics
201-2163-D Implementation of Geostatistical Analyses—The Amoco Case Study
217-240Stochastic Structural Modeling of Troll West, with Special Emphasis on the Thin Oil Zone
241-248Simulating Geological Uncertainty with Imprecise Data for Groundwater Flow and Advective Transport Modeling
249-260Fractal Methods for Fracture Characterization
261-272Description of Reservoir Properties Using Fractals
273-286Geostatistical Modeling of Chalk Reservoir Properties in the Dan Field, Danish North Sea
287-322Integrated Modeling for Optimum Management of a Giant Gas Condensate Reservoir, Jurassic Eolian Nugget Sandstone, Anschutz Ranch East Field, Utah Overthrust (U.S.A.)
323-338Identification and 3-D Modeling of Petrophysical Rock Types
339-346The Visualization of Spatial Uncertainty
Public Domain Software and Bibliography
349-368Public Domain Geostatistics Programs: STATPAC, Geo-EAS, GEOPACK, Geostatistical Toolbox, and GSLIB

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