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Shared Earth Modeling

Knowledge Driven Solutions for Building and Managing Subsurface 3D Geological Models


Over the last two decades, earth modeling has become a major investigative tool for evaluating the potential of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Current modeling procedures provide no way to link a range of data and interpretations with a final earth model, and sharing and exchanging information about the model building process is at present a major difficulty. Recently, the term Shared Earth Modeling has been used to express the idea that earth models should be built so that experts and end users can have access to all the information incorporated into the model. This information not only concerns the data, but also the knowledge that geoscientists produce by interpreting these data. Accordingly, practical solutions must be studied to determine a way to operate a knowledge-driven approach to Shared Earth Modeling, which is the goal of this book. Relying on recent progress in various fields of computer science, the authors present innovative solutions for solving the critical issue of knowledge exchange at key steps of the modeling process.


Earth Models
3-24Earth models as subsurface representations
25-48Earth models for underground resource exploration and estimation
49-70Earth models used in petroleum industry: current practice and future challenges
Knowledge oriented solutions
71-94Knowledge based approach of a data intensive problem: seismic interpretation
95-114Individual surface representations and optimization
115-140Geological surface assemblage
141-1663D Meshes for structural, stratigraphy and reservoir frameworks
167-188The data extension issue: geological constraints applied in geostatistical processes
Knowledge formalization
189-206Ontologies and their use for geological knowledge formalization
207-231Ontologies for Interpreting geochronological relationships
232-260Building ontologies for analyzing data expressed in natural language
261-280Ontology-based rock description and interpretation
Knowledge management & applications
281-306Ontology integration and management within data intensive engineering systems
307-328Earth modeling using web services
329-356Full scale example of a knowledge-based method for building and managing an earth model

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