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Closing the Gap

Advances in Applied Geomodeling for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs


This collection of papers is a follow up response to the success of the Gussow Geoscience Conference held October 3rd to 5th, 2011 in Banff, Alberta. The theme, Advances in Applied Geomodeling for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs — Closing the Gap, drew a strong and diverse gathering of 134 participants to the Banff Centre.


3-12Seven paradigms of data integration in reservoir modeling
13-32Multi-scale reservoir characterization and history matching within a probabilistic framework
33-42Length scales of steam-based oil sands recovery processes such as SAGD and CSS
43-52Current bottlenecks in geomodeling workflows and ways forward
53-66Factorial kriging for geologic feature identification and extraction
67-74Strategies for modeling with multiple-point simulation algorithms
75-82Using metric space methods to analyze reservoir unce
83-98Optimization of SAGD process accounting for geological uncertainties using proxy models
99-106Integrated shale gas study workflow

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