7.6 Conclusion

Running volumes on a geomodel is a standard thing to do, even if your team prefers to rely on more old-school traditional methods to book the reserves and resources. At the least, you must make sure that your geomodel doesn’t contradict the volumes officially reported. If it does and if, after review, your geomodel doesn’t seem at fault, then the whole team should take the time to find how to reconcile the different results.

Take the time to check the impact of the geometry of the mesh of your 3D grid on the modeling of the properties. It can be an important source of uncertainty in some reservoirs that is often not considered in modeling projects.

The next chapter will focus on production engineering.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Overview of the Geomodeling Workflow

Chapter 2 - Geostatistics

Chapter 3 - Geologists and Geomodeling

Chapter 4 - Petrophysicists and Geomodeling

Chapter 5 - Geophysicists and Geomodeling

Chapter 6 - Reservoir Engineers and Geomodeling

Chapter 7 - Reserve Engineers and Geomodeling

Chapter 8 - to be published in the summer 2019

To be published mid-March 2018

Chapter 9 - to be published in the summer 2019

To be published mid-March 2018


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